The cultural association NESSUNO [press] aims to promote and encourage the knowledge, practice, development and spread of cultural activities related to the world of the image, the photograph and arts in its broadest sense.

In particular, it promotes reportage, events, exhibitions and meetings. The cultural association NESSUNO [press] encourages all forms of activity in the field of image, photography and art.

Each of us lives in his own world. Different from that of someone else and perceived in a personal way. Every person, every event and situation can be a starting point of a story that is worth to be transmitted.

NESSUNO [press] is a cultural association that deals with photography, art and image. A group of people who make reports and spread their ideas with the tools of communication today.

Task NESSUNO [press] is to take charge of promoting through its channels work carried out by its participants.

Board of Directors for  2013/2016

President: Emanuele Broli
Vice-president: Laura Predolini
Secretary/treasurer: Marco Ciccolella

C.F. 98173250170

INTERNAL RULES 004 of 29 marzo 2014